PAINTFACE was a year-long series of exhibitions curated by Polly Dance that explored paint and the painted surface. Working experimentally within a basic framework, the supporting catalogue took the form of a standard poster, cut and folded into three flat sections. Each chapter is built along the same gridlines, each one enveloping the next to create an onion-skin design. The glossy dust jacket is used as a separate loose-leaf cover, which hides and reveals the various sections.

PAINTFACE was presented by Constance ARI in partnership with a range of offsite venues, and was assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts. Artists: Fernando do Campo, Chen Ping, Mae Finlayson, Josh Foley, Grant Nimmo, Robert O'Connor, Ben Taylor, Henry Jock Walker and Catherine Woo. Writers: Claire Krouzecky, Miriam McGarry and Meg Walch. Photographers: Lara Merrington, Peter Aitchison and Raef Sawford.